Turning the tide against poverty – REP supports Mma Apkaribadek of Sandema

Company: Sandema

The rearing of guinea fowls is a common activity in most households in the northern part of Ghana. Mma Akparibadek was therefore no stranger to this traditional activity as she had been keeping guinea fowls for years. However she could only manage meager monthly incomes from the venture.

After becoming a client of the Builsa Business Advisory Centre (BAC) in 2006, Mma joined a group of 65 farmers to undergo an advance training in

Guinea Fowl rearing. Soon after the rainy season in 2006, she quickly put up an improved pen for her birds and started buying brooder hens and eggs to start the first hatch. By December 2006, she had hatched about seventy five (kits) birds from six (6) brooder Hens.

The 58 year widow has since found guinea fowl rearing as a very good business.

“I have been following religiously what I learnt from the training I had from the BAC. And this yielding good result” says Mma.

She has also been trained in small business management, and according to Mma, this has proved very useful not only to the guinea fowl rearing but the management of proceeds from her farm. Being the breadwinner of her household, she says “my life has improved and I can better take care of home” and gives the credit to the BAC and REP.

Mma has completed her house, which she started years before becoming a client of the Project. She has trained several women in guinea fowl rearing, one of whom won the District Best Guinea Fowl rearer in 2009. Mma Akparibadek is certainly a proud client of REP.

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